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Canadian Visa Lottery 2017/2018 Application Form - How to Apply

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Canadian Visa Lottery 2017/2018 Application Form - How to Apply

Have you always anticipated to leave your country and travel to Canada? Did you know that Canadian visa lottery 2017/2018 application form is out? If you have always wanted to travel to a country like Canada, this is your opportunity.
Canadian visa lottery application form for 2017/2018 is out for all interested applicants that want to travel to Canada, and have always asked about the requirements and what it takes to travel to Canada. This post is just for you,

Al you need to do, is to read this article carefully so that you will be acquainted with all you need to know about travelling to Canada and how to go about it.

Before we continue with the post, let us take a look or lets discuss a little about Canada.

Canada like we all know, is a country in the northern portion of North America. Its ten areas and three domains stretch out from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 million square kilometers (3.85 million square miles), making it the world's second-biggest nation by aggregate territory and the fourth-biggest nation via arrive region. Canada's fringe with the United States is the world's longest land outskirt. Most of the nation has a frosty or extremely icy winter atmosphere, yet southerly regions are warm in summer. Canada is scantily populated, the greater part of its property region being ruled by woods and tundra and the Rocky Mountains. Around four-fifths of the nation's populace of 36 million individuals is urbanized and live close to the southern fringe. Its capital is Ottawa, its biggest city is Toronto; other major urban territories incorporate Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec City, Winnipeg and Hamilton.

Procedures to Apply for Canadian Visa Lottery 2017/2018

There are so many questions that comes to the mind when an applicants want to apply. Thses are some of the criteria we will be looking at after discussing the application procedures.

To apply for Canadian visa lottery 2017/2018 is very simple. all you have to do, is to follow the steps I will be highlighting below to complete the registration and application.

  1. Visit the official Canadian visa application website by logging on to 
  2. Fill the registration form and clcick the submit button
Good news to All Australians because you are qualified/eligible to apply and also have the opportunity to enter the United States of America (USA) via Australians.

Now you are already acquainted with the application procedures. Another thing now is to check the eligibility or requirements.

If you read the contents of Canadian visa lottery application very well as regards their eligibility, you will know if you are actually eligible for the application.

If you find out that you are eligible, congratulations because you just need to give it a try and please when you are registering, use the random selection offer. 

The next question that follows is why the random selection offer? The reason is because it is the easiest and with it, you can obtain a permanent Canadian residency.

Hope this article has been a great tool for your Canadian visa lottery application 2017/2018. Use the comment box below for your comments and contribution or contact us using our contact us page.

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