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E-Cooperative Registration | E-Cooperative Join | E-Cooperative Login

E-Cooperative Registration | E-Cooperative Join | E-Cooperative Login 

Are you ready for money related breakthrough this 2017? Are you ready to handle the greater part of assets that will be swimming into your record? In the event that your answer is yes, congrats because you are at the opportune place.

With E-cooperative registration, your monetary worries will be a relic of days gone by. You just really should simply to register a record with e-cooperative and begin earning with as low as N1000. You don't think this is possible?

Just inside a week, I made N40,000 on e-cooperative with the N1000 I started with. You also can benefit from e-cooperative with just N1000.

This article is targeted at teaching all of you need to think about e-cooperative and every one of the sages and levels that are involved. I know at this point you simply need to hurry into the registration. Simply quiet down because there are a long way to go shape this article. We have a great deal for you. All you need to do, is to recently read and get our direct instructional exercise in this point.


A Little About e-Cooperative 

e-Cooperative is a 4*4 lattice where four different persons will be involved to pay. Try not to stress, we will explain this as you read further.

E-cooperative works like Ultimate Cycler or iCharity, where members pay directly to each other without a central record where you have to pay to.

Presently let me explain what I meant by 4*4 lattice. After registration, you are to bring four persons, this will really qualify you for level 2. Try not to stress simply continue reading you will get everything as we proceed.

I know at this point some people would be making inquiries like will I get paid on the off chance that I don't refer any one?

The reality of the situation be said you need to refer four persons however you can really get paid even on the off chance that you don't refer anyone. This can just happen when you join an active team like our own.


The next question that comes to mind is what is an active team? We pride ourselves when it comes to being active especially in e-Cooperative.

By active team we mean a team that has loads of people who have spilled over, this is as a result of many people registering with the connection which makes it very active.

Let me explain this

Because of the ocean of people registering with our connection which makes it very active, once a member has every one of the 4 downlines completed, the system consequently combine others registering with that same person that already has a complete down line to others who doesn't have.

This consequently make the team and the system develops Consistently. That is the means by which an active team work. Meaning the more people register with our connection, the more downlines are completed and the more stronger the team and system becomes.


These must be achieved when you register utilizing our active connection. You can likewise make the team very active by registering people under you.

On the off chance that you don't have anyone to register under you, no cause for alert because you will definitely get paid the length of you use our active connection.

How e-cooperative Functions

In the event that you have followed keenly all what we have discussed above, you will definitely need to know how the system really function. Simply relax and read further as we give you a direct data about e-Cooperative.

E-Cooperative has four different stages, with each stage having four levels each. Presently let's take a gander at the stages and the levels one after the other.


Stage 1 

This stage has four different levels:

Level 1 

You can just achieve this level or upgrade to this level by paying N1,000 to an upline and in return, you will be paid N4,000 by four people

Level 2 

After completing level 1, you upgrade to level 2 by paying the whole of N2,500 to an upline and in return, you will be paid by 16 people the entirety of N40,000.

Level 3 

Paying the whole of N5,000 to an upline will upgrade you to level 3 and in return, 64 people will pay you N320,000.

Level 4 

This is the last level of stage 1. You will upgrade to level 4 by paying the whole of N10,000 to an upline and in return, 256 people will pay you N2,560,000.

This sounds nice right? I know at this point many people simply need to surge with the registration, continue reading this is only a tip of the iceberg.

E-cooperative Stage 2 

This stage has four levels likewise however you ought to realize that it is a continuation of stage 1.

Level 5 

You are to pay the aggregate of N25,000 to an upline and upgrade to level 5 by and in return, four peiople will pay you N100,000.

Level 6

After you have completed level 5, you will upgrade to level 6 by paying N50,000 to an upline and 16 people will pay you N800,000.

Level 7

In level 7, you are to upgrade by paying N90,000 to an upline and 64 people will pay you N5,760,000 in return.

Level 8

Upgrade to level 8 by paying N175,000 to an upline and in return, 256 people will pay you N44,800,00.

Isn't this recently awesome? You don't need to delay before you begin making your cool money.


Enough overflow are holding up to complete your downlines. Register today.

What You Need to Register on E-Cooperative

An internet enabled device (either a mobile device or a PC)

Account number


Phone number

Name of next of Family

Phone number of next of family

Step by step instructions to Register on E-Cooperative

Take after the steps I will be highlighting below to register on e-cooperative; 

sign on to the official registration gateway of e-cooperative by going by

Enter your first and last name in the spaces provided.

Enter your username

Enter your email address

Enter your phone number and your secret key

Provide your bank detail like your bank name, account name, investment funds or current

Enter the name of your next of family lastly

Enter the phone number of your next of family

When you are done, tap the register catch at the base of the page.

That is it you are done. Sit tight for your cool hard earn money.

After Registering What Next 

After you are done with the registration, you will be asked to upgrade to level 1. Like I have earlier explained. You are to pay the aggregate of N1,000 to an upline before you can upgrade to level 1.

The most effective method to Upgrade to Level 1 

1. After the successful registration, which is level 0, you should upgrade to level 1. This can be achieved by tapping the upgrade menu in your dashboard. After tapping the upgrade menu, the details of the person you are to pay to be appeared.

2. Communicate with the person by calling or texting thereby advising the person of the payment made.

3. You are to submit evidence of payment by duplicating the exchange code in the event that you have it and paste it in the exchange box below the payment guideline.

4. When you are done, tap the submit catch. With this, the recipient or the upline will be able to affirm the payment.

Procedure to include Payment Detail 

Sign into you e-cooperative record and snap profile. Look down to see your bank detail and edit it on the off chance that you wish. After that, tap the save catch to save the details.

To See Those That have been Matched to Pay You, tap the Lattice menu in your dashboard.

Procedures to Include Evidence of Payment 

This should to be done after you have made payment.

After signing into your dashboard, tap the upgrade catch and look down. You will discover a crate below where you will be asked to include your payment ID. You should simply to put your username there and tap the submit catch. Your upline will receive that when he/she sign into their record. Of which they will affirm you from that point. With that you will be updgraded to level 1.

The most effective method to Login to E-cooperative 

Sign on to and enter your detail. When you are done with that, tap the login catch.

Hope We have given all the data you need to think about E-Cooperative.


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